Mama Yeng

by Gustaff Besungu

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An appreciation for my Mother, a song dedicated to all Mothers.


Mama Yeng

Nde Nkengeh-ki
Mu Mwem mu
Nyangweh Mwem-muwong
Ni Nyengi, Ni Kitond
Nyangweh Ndutu Yong-eh
Lowa Weh Nsang-eh
Ou Kondo kiso Nsa ma Nkane

Ni Badiwoh-eh, Nsa ma Nkonge B-eh
Badiwoh muma lowa Nsang ni Kitond-eh
Ni Badiwoh-eh meh ma Nkonge Weh
Badiwoh muma lowa Nsang ni Kitond-eh

Mbock-e-Longond muma nock Kibeki-Chong-eh
Kibeki-Chong-eh ki ma nokle ou Kondo kiso

Muma Namseh
Mi Pkeni-Weh Ngena Lof
Diwoh di, Diwoh mu Mwem

Mama Yeng (Oka yeki lam-eh)
Iya Mende (Oka yeki lam-eh)
Bon ba Besungu (Beka yeki lam-eh)
Bon ba Ndiba (Beka yeki lam-eh)

Bon ba Mpalle,
Bon ba Mbangkond,
Bon ba Bapark,
Tata-Longond Aka ongwana Beh

Translation from Barombi:

May this song of my heart
Suffuse thy heart with happiness and love
Ease thy troubles and bring thee peace.
From around the world we pray:

With this cry, we think of you
This call which brings peace and love
With this cry, I think of you
This call:harbinger of peace and love

The heavens have heard your prayer
A prayer heard from around the world

May His blessings,
Shower upon you like the rain
This cry, this call of the heart

My mother (You are incredible)
Grandmother Mende (You are splendid)
Besungu Family (You are terrific)
Ndiba Family (You are marvelous)

Children of Mpalle <My Village>
Mbangkond Family <Matriarchal family tree>
Bapark Family <Patriarchal family tree>
The Lord shall assist you


released June 1, 2016
Gustaff Besungu - Lyrics, Djembe, Composition, Vocals
Ron Kauvon- Piano,Composition, Vocals,Producer
Kajessa - Vocals,
Mix and Mastered by Jon Rezin

Special Thanks:
Mona and Shahab Rastegar
Zia and Dwayne Rayner
Maliwan Theo -Graphics
Felix Ndiba- Language consultant
Jacobine Ndiba- Language consultant
Tahiri Formukon -Photo



all rights reserved


Gustaff Besungu Key West, Florida

Gustaff Besungu is a singer-song creator, performer, Djembe player and author who hails from a lineage of drum players from Cameroon-West Central Africa. He brings to life a unique blend of traditional rhythms with music from around the world. He has performed with musical groups in Cameroon, Israel and U.S.A. His uplifting voice and captivating spirit is a joyous experience. ... more

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